Broken In All The Right Places

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If I knew how to save this body of spirit, its constant attempts at sewing together moments of life, bonding, and building with knowledge, I’d stay. It is a far better circumstance to be here, even unwell, than it would be to move on.


Each day weather permitting I go to the beach. I clean the sand out of the wheels and pivots of my wheel chair. I lube the hubs on the front wheels. Pack my day bag along with my binoculars and roll myself down Ocean Drive. My destination: the giant…

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You always think you are right. You told me how to fix my unbroken life. You didn’t like my choices. You gave me unwanted bad advice. You thought you were helping.

Will I ever be able to get you to understand that I’m fine. Can you ever accept my decisions…

She Circled the Bed, with dead aim eye-contact that would . . .

Photo by Bret Kavanaugh on Unsplash

. . rival any mature hawk gaining on her prey. The moment the words came from her lips, terror, shock, and denial wrapped me in plastic cling sheets that would not allow escape.

As she spoke.

Vision’s of being on Dexter’s table caused me to void warm fluids. The warmth…

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Not one empty bed in the place. The rooms are filled up and the staff is working double shifts.

While cancer, heart, and orthopedic patients search for rooms in the local hospital it’s doors wide open for the people who butt in line. These people butted in your line, or…

Churros Over Take Food Mart in Bangor Maine

The fried dough was everywhere as people ran for their lives screaming

Photo courtesy The Big Man’s World

They came in from the coast at dawn it was a surprise attack. Witnesses said they were chased by The Man-O-Wars that lived by the rocks in the jetty.

My first mental picture was, soggy. …

Kinda dumfounded that many comments on this post can't see or refuse to see the satire. Mostly trolls doing the negative comments. Humor is the best introspective tool we humans have and Danny you did fine for an off the cuff writing exercise. Sometimes the best ideas we write don't have perfect grammar and punctuation. What matters is the subject. Humor allows us all to see an inner flaw and laugh about it.

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Can anything really be fixed?

Neglect, abuse, severe weather, sun, rain, wind, squirrels. Pick your enemy. The child who’s curious with a spray paint can, can inflict damage. But what will you teach the child? …

Artemis J Jones

Face of a bartender. Observing and listening, two of my greatest faults. I read your work, and I’ll respond in truth or remain silent, wading in my ignorance.

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